Having gas is no fun at all. You feel bloated, and it usually passes out of your system, which can be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing. Gas sneaks into your digestive system in one of two ways: when you swallow air or through bacteria breaking down certain foods in the […]

We all know what garlic is. For food lovers and cooking enthusiasts, garlic is an essential and flavorful ingredient in many recipes, making our meals appetizing and delicious. The garlic, however, is known for its distinctive aroma. But more than its, stinky smell, do you know that the garlic has […]

Too much dieting may lead to eating disorders that are unhealthy to the body. Know the various eating disorders that might lead to brain damage and death! Ironically, even though eating disorders are among the most discussed issues nowadays, the number of women who suffer from these fatal conditions still […]

Is a friend or a family member suffering from anorexia nervosa? Learn how to cure this dangerous obsession by following these procedures. Diagnosing anorexia nervosa is difficult, but it is even more difficult to treat one who has the dangerous psychological disorder. This is because people with anorexia believe that […]

High blood pressure is condition where the blood flows through the arteries or blood vessels at a rate that is higher than what is considered normal pressures. Common causes of having a high blood pressure include stress, smoking, being obese or overweight, eating too much salt, consuming too much alcohol, […]

Do you constantly feel that you are overweight when you are not? Have you always had health, body, and self-image issues? Be careful because you might be suffering from anorexia nervosa! What is Anorexia Nervosa? Along with bulimia, anorexia nervosa is one of the most common psychological disorders in the […]

Cancer survivors go through many things, even after they have successfully gone through treatment. Their fight against the disease does not end in treatment, for there is the further hurdle of getting track. A common problem among cancer survivors are the whole new set of concerns arising from the disease. […]