Chiropractic Care and Other Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure



The cause of high blood pressure is difficult to determine with certainty. Thus, no hard and fast rules have been formulated to guarantee reduced risk of high blood pressure. However, it is reasonable to believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle prevents high blood pressure, and the following discussion will outline the basic rules which can be followed.

Visit your chiropractor

Because chiropractic care aims to see proper balance and restore all functions of the body through the influence of the nervous system, the first thing you have to do when you have a high blood pressure is therefore to visit your chiropractor and get a chiropractic adjustment. The significant effect of spinal adjustment in lowering high blood pressure has been proved by multiple studies is the past.

In fact, when you get a chiropractic treatment for your blood pressure, it provides the healing effect of two medications specifically for blood pressure given in combination. More importantly, it is non-invasive and drug-free, thus, you will feel no side effect at all – only a better health and overall wellness.

Increase physical activity

Regular aerobic activities are known to promote weight loss, which in turn reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease. The intensity of the exercises can be changed depending on the health condition of the person, but at least brisk walking or jogging is safe and recommended for most people. For those who have cardiac issues, however, a medical test and consultation is a must before starting on an exercise program.

Manage stress

Stress has been found to be the culprit in many medical conditions, including heart problems. Reducing or minimizing stress causes the heart rate to slow or lower down, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen that the body tissues need.

Lose weight

Weight loss has been observed to lower a person’s blood pressure, and most people who have high blood pressure are obese or overweight. There are a lot of ways to lose weight including regularly engaging in exercise, reducing fatty and high caloric foods, and even consuming diet pills and substances. However, proper caution should be observed with instant weight loss programs as not everything work safely. If something seems too good to be true, consult with your doctor first.

Eat a healthy diet

Too much of anything is harmful, and this is especially true in foods. At the same time, deficiency in vital vitamins or nutrients is also bad for the health. Thus, one should make sure that he gets just the right amount of nutrients that the body needs everyday.

The intake of sodium should be minimized. It is better to avoid adding salt on food, because salt causes fluid retention, which is not good for the body. If one cannot steer clear form salt, at least its intake must be limited to a maximum of 2,400 milligrams per day. This is roughly the amount of salt which can fit in one teaspoon.

Another group which must be avoided is processed foods. These contain a high level of sodium or salt, since these are necessary to preserve the food.

On the contrary, intake of dietary potassium should be increased, as potassium has been found to reduce blood pressure. One fruit that has high potassium content is banana. Note that high sodium intake can be offset by high potassium intake, although it is better to avoid sodium altogether.

Reduce or quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Both cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption not only affect blood pressure; they also increase one’s risk for cardiovascular diseases or disorders. So, before it becomes too late, avoid these substances that can impair your health and shorten your life.

These changes in lifestyle will surely lower down one’s blood pressure in a short period while at the same time making him a happier and healthier individual.