Dealing with Stress at Work: How to Get Rid of the Bad Office Vibes



Feeling burnt out with work? Maybe, it’s time to relax! Here are a few effective tips on how you can cope with the stress that work brings you everyday!


Is your monster of a boss pestering you again with impossible requests and deadlines? Are your clients expecting too much that you sometimes feel you can no longer satisfy their wants? Are you losing patience with team mate who is unable to deliver his part of the job? Is there too much on your plate that you feel like you’re going to break down any minute?


If you answered yes to these questions, you definitely are stressed out.


Stress at work is normal. You have to understand that it’s simply part of the job. All employees sometimes feel that work is too much. While you can’t get rid of stress completely, you can live with it.


Reward yourself.


One way to cope is by rewarding yourself for a job well done. Did you accomplish all your tasks for the day? Treat yourself to a yummy dinner. Watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. Buy that new bag or shoes. Or reward yourself with a massage. You will definitely feel better knowing that you have something to look forward to after a tough day at work.


Take a break.


If work is burning you out, take your mind off it from time to time. Rather than staring at your computer monitor wondering how to finish that essay, that report, or financial statement, take a quick break. Do some stretching exercises. Fix yourself a cup of coffee. After relaxing for a minute or two, you will be able to look at your work with fresh eyes, and thus, will achieve better results.


Learn task and time management.


Learn to prioritize. While there may be 77 tasks piled up on your desk, remember that you are not Superman to finish them all at once. List down all the tasks that you have to accomplish and identify the level of importance or urgency of each. After that, you’ll have a smoother work flow. While multitasking is today’s buzz word, you really can focus on only one job at a time.




If there are “dementors” (read: people who suck the energy out of you) at work, talk to them. As much as possible, discuss what you feel. You have to find a way to deal with them properly. Otherwise, they will affect your performance.


Shrug off the pain.


Too much stress at work can sometimes cause pain, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. When you are sitting in front of the computer, for example, you are at a high risk of developing back and neck pain. Too much keyboard and mouse clicks, on the other hand, can bring carpal tunnel syndrome. Make sure to prevent body pain and mind stress by taking time to relax and unwind. Get a massage. Visit your chiropractor. Or simply go out for a quick vacation. You’ll be surprised of the outcome.


Don’t keep complaining about your boss. After all, he’s still the boss. Remember that it’s his job to do whatever he’s doing, and that you were hired to do whatever you are doing. Or better yet, just keep on doing what you are expected of you, and who knows, sooner or later, you’ll be the boss, as well.